Selasa, 24 Agustus 2010

list price of train tickets when going home in Ramadhan 2010

                Muslims will soon end this blessed month. if in Indonesia, then this is very closely related to the culture of going home. yes ... going home for Muslims in Indonesia is something very unusual, because hanging out with family during the holiday is the dream of every Muslim in Indonesia. but now the problems is how to prepare to welcome the Lebaran, many things that are usually already in preparing for such gifts and other things that can be distributed to at home.                usually, at a time like this, the state transportation became uncontrollable. the government also began to prepare everything, from preparing the vehicles, roads and other preparations.fee schedule for the train tickets were sold well in Indonesia viewed by the inhabitants of far-distant days indonesia.mereka had booked tickets and they are willing to queue for hours to get tickets.become a highly anticipated going home for the Indonesian people, because going home became a way for Muslims who works outside the city especially in Jakarta to get together with family ... so, we congratulate going home, hopefully our deeds accepted by Allah SWT and hello to your family ..... salam

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